A NGO organization started in Cabezón de la Sal (Cantabria, Spain) with the intention of achieving a fairer world.

Hence we use resources that can be found all around us, such as recycled goods and we have a clear goal:

Obtain sponsorships that fund the studies of the children and youngsters from Bal Mandir (an orphanage in Nepal)

To be fair, we must remember the students of Valle del Saja Secondary School who sponsored the studies of the first orphaned student, Sudip Magar, in 2008. 

Using the initiative created by the youngsters of the village, the adults decided to maintain the momentumand continue the work that was already established.  A second hand store was established, using donated space by a very generous construction company, where different types of recreational/artistic/cultural/social activities were developed for the local community. 

In addition, the dissemination of the work established at the primary and secondary educational centers, allow for individuals and groups to collaborate on the funding for the sponsorships. 

That is why the education of 35 children and youngsters that live or have lived in Bal Mandir can be sponsored.