Ruta6 is an NGO which is  registered in the Spanish Agency of International Development Cooperation. Our aim is to support human development in areas of extreme deprivation and our philosophy is based on the following principles :

We regard Education to be the most effective tool to transform the world; our international action is therefore centered on promoting access to quality education for young orphans or abandoned children and adolescents in Nepal, through a program of study grants.

Although our NGO was formally constituted in 2012, members of Ruta6 have been working actively since 2008.

This project was initiated by a group of Secondary School students from Cantabria; since then it has expanded steadily, thanks to the support of an increasing number of individuals and groups.


What our work involves:

We offer grants to young children and adolescents who are lacking in basic resources. Our help covers school fees and maintenance (food and lodging); these full grants are received until the young person has finished their training.

WE also collaborate with the following Spanish NGO’s who are working in Nepal :

Dream Nepal: we pay for the education of the children lodged in Dream Nepal’s Kathmandu houses; these children are taken out of the prisons where their parents are serving sentences.

Amics de Nepal: we collaborate with Amics de Nepal by financing the educational needs of the young people they work with, when they are not able to cover the costs. Our present challenge is the construction of a rural school and farm which we aim to build in a deprived area where there is a strong need for schooling and in order to offer better quality of life to the families living in the are.

We also plan to build a hostel so that we can lodge the orphan children, receiving a Ruta6 grant. This is a joint project with Arquitectos sin Fronteras ( from Navarra office )



We are based in Cabezón de la Sal  (Cantabria) in what people call  “the house of dreams”.  This space that has been temporarily donated to Ruta6 by the owners of the house and  has been converted into  a second-hand shop that attends to the needs of local inhabitants.

On the one hand people from Social Services have a place to come to where they can find their basic material needs free of charge, like clothes, footwear, toys, books etc.

On the other hand, more and more families are opting for more responsible ways of  consuming and  they choose our shop because they can buy second-hand articles in exchange for a symbolic donation. They are pleased to be reusing objects, while looking after the environment and contributing towards giving quality education to young people who have no resources.

We divulge our work throughout Cantabria and promote awareness of what we do in schools and local businesses.                                                                                     

As we have already said, the philosophy of Ruta6 is based on the right for children in all parts of the world to have an Education.

Ruta6 believes it is important for this side of the planet to know about the realities experienced by people who live thousands of kilometres away. We spend a lot of time in schools and colleges who invite us to visit them and in this way we bring Spain and Nepal closer to each other, through the stories of the true protagonists of our work: the scholarship-holders of Ruta6. .